Date: 04.03.2021

Case Study: ERGO Estonia

Who are ERGO Estonia?

With more than 650,000 clients across the Baltics, the ERGO insurance group covers a wide range of different insurance options across non-life and life & health. This variety has created a range of manual processes that heavily rely on employee guiding of clients. After 6 months of cooperating with ERGO Estonia, DriveX sat down with vehicle insurance underwriter, Mikko Pilt, to hear of the impact, future goals with DriveX and some suggestions.

Mikko Pilt
ERGO Vehicle Insurance Underwriter Mikko Pilt

The Problem

“We didn’t have one system in place.”

From the outset, Mikko described a common problem and the core reason they considered DriveX. The multi-step manual review and guidance has been a constant source of work for his team. Even with instructional ‘1 pagers’ sent to clients, the quality and consistency of the images frequently didn’t fit the requirements. Facing problems like blurry, out of frame or too far away and poor quality images, often lead to a much longer review time and additional work for both the client and the ERGO salesperson.

Time for a Change

Interestingly, Mikko openly said how “…these pictures have always been a problem. We didn’t put our resources into finding a solution for it.” Having even considered building their own app as a solution, they acknowledged that creating and running this would divert too many resources away from their core business. With the goal of making a “bulletproof system for the insurance sector”, ERGO set out to begin using DriveX to help improve image capture for self-serve clients. 

The Impact

DriveX was made available for salespeople in the insurance department to use alongside their existing process. Used in 50% of retail contracts sold over the usage period, Mikko notes that;

“Compared to the old processes, doing vehicle pre-inspections with DriveX takes half the time. This saved time can be used for other clients, which means more contracts being signed.”

This massive impact on team efficiency and client experience has ERGO focused on a larger rollout.  

“Our goal is to only use the DriveX solution. We would love to lose the old processes completely if it was possible. People don’t adapt to change so quickly and this needs to be a smooth transition. Our wish is that the system would be solid, pictures would be similar and all pictures had metadata. As DriveX is providing all that, DriveX is our goal.”

Building Momentum

With such a strong feedback loop developed over the first months of usage, ERGO was able to report and have bugs quickly fixed and create a strong training culture to help educate the team members in need of support. Nearly 75% of staff have been granted access to the solution, and the ERGO team sees how the solution can add value in the claims management. “We wish to mitigate the risk of damage and see the object we’re about to insure beforehand. The big pro of DriveX is that the client has the instruction inside the solution. The client knows what to do and doesn’t need the assistance of a real person.”

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