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Key features

Decreased pre-inspection photos review time

Decreased pre-inspection photos review time

Your employees can start reviewing vehicle photos and inspection results right after inspection. All inspections are in one place.

Remote and fast

For vehicle inspection, only an internet connection and a smartphone are needed. Results are uploaded instantly.

Customizable workflows

Customisable workflows

Your company can choose which images are required from clients and which validations are checked during inspection.

Faster claim processing

Faster claim

Your claim management has never been quicker, because our AI does the damage-searching on images for you.

The process

You are only a few steps away from the most efficient vehicle inspection!

Week 1

Understanding your situation and needs.

Getting acquainted with your company’s unique business traits to learn how you and your colleagues can benefit from using our product.

Week 2-3

Demo and trial.

Doing a live demo of the product (taking into account your company’s specifics). Afterwards you have the opportunity to test out the product yourself.

Week 4-6

Pilot Program.

If you like what you see, we will set up KPIs and launch a pilot program.

Month 3

Commercial agreement.

If the pilot is successful, we’ll start a cooperation so your company can reap the benefits of AI assisted car inspection.

Month 4

Inspect vehicles
more effectively!

How DriveX works

This is how DriveX fits into your insurance company’s processes.

Client receives a link from your company and is guided through vehicle inspection. Instead of reading exessive manual on how to take pictures of a vehicle, your client only needs a smartphone and internet connection. The client knows what to do and doesn’t need the assistance of a real person.

When client completes the inspection, results are instantly uploaded and can be reviewed by your employees. Damage and vehicle assessment reports help you to prevent fraud and get the perfect overview of vehicle’s state.

Create your insurance policies based on trustworthy data. In the future, when an insured car gets damaged, inspection photos can be taken again and easily compared with older pictures.

AI-powered vehicle inspection for your insurance company

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